Beach Schooling

As the name suggests, Beach Schooling is a gurukul on the Beach! This is a program, wherein NITK students volunteer to interact with these under-privileged kids every day. In this modern gurukul, students are taught not under the banyan tree, but on the NITK Beach amidst refreshing air, the resounding glory of temple bells and the dancing waves of the Arabian Sea. Currently, the program is conducted in the backyards of the famous Sadashiva Temple in Surathkal, Mangaluru. Incident,NITK Surathkal is proud of the fact that Beach Schooling is the first program of its kind taken up by college students in India.

Solar Lamps

The project included distribution of solar lamps to the students of the financially poor background to help them in studying during night. We have distributed 14 solar lamps till now and plan to distribute 35 more.

School Day

Along with studies, even co-curricular activites contribute a major role in development of a student, with this motive I-Care Team had origanized Scool Day in Thadambail Panchayat School, whose kids were deprived of School Day since many years due to lack of funds.